DJ X-Cell


DJ X-Cell’s interest in becoming a DJ came about the very young age of 8. His parents, even though they did not speak English, were subscribers to Columbia House Records in the early 1980’s and would receive random current vinyl (records) hits in the mail. X-Cell would take the records and play them on the family’s wooden stereo consol with a built-in turntable.  He listened to hours of hits ranging from Electric Light Orchestra to The Jackson 5 to Frank Sinatra. Later, as he learned of Hip Hop artist like Sugar Hill Gang and Afrika Bambaataa, he began attempting to scratch on the family turntable and eventually ruined the family stereo.  

As time continued to pass on, his interest for music never did. He continued to use the family radio in his room and listened to local radio stations around the Colusa area, like KSFM - 102.5 (Sacramento) and KMEL - 106.1 (San Francisco). Even though KMEL was not a local station, DJ X-Cell would manipulate his antenna to somehow receive the signal. His biggest inspiration came from the hours of listening on the weekends to Cameron Paul – “In the Mix!”

Later, as mixing on the radio became more and more popular; DJ X-Cell decided he would save all the money he could, to purchase his first piece of DJ equipment. In 1987 he purchased his first Realistic mixer from his local Radio Shack. Not accounting for taxes on his purchase, the store manger allowed him to take it for the displayed price. X-Cell believes the manager may have just been tired of seeing him go in everyday just to look at the mixer. 

DJ X-Cell later went to visit family in Inglewood, Ca. and met his cousins who had a DJ crew named “Boys On Strike”. He was then mesmerized and learned how the art of mixing was really done. When X-Cell returned home, he raised money from mowing yards to playing in friends’ house parties to purchase his first set of turntables. When he did, he also learned of a local DJ named Ramon “The R” Martinez. Ramon later met X-Cell and showed him a few tips on how to start mixing on his new turntables.

As the years continued to pass, X-Cell continued to follow DJs on the radio and attempted to imitate the Bay Area style of mixing. While his journey as a DJ began, he mixed at local schools, house parties, weddings, quinceaneras & surrounding clubs all through his high school years and beyond.  He quickly became a favorite in the Northern California area and DJed for many of the Chico fraternities & sororities in 1993-2001. 

He attempted to get into the Chico Club scene while he lived there in 1997-1999 but was never accepted because of his Bay Area mixing style and his musical interest were way too different for the local Chico DJs. In 1999, he was contracted by the sorority UKD to spin at a local Chico hot spot, The Brick Works. X-Cell had over 500 college students jammin' to his sounds and the manager ended up asking him to play as a resident. He turned down the offer due to moving back to his local town of Colusa.

X-Cell has DJed in many clubs/bars through the years like; La Salles (Chico), The Brick Works (Chico), 315 Main St. (Chico), 815 L St.(Sac), Club Gravity (Marysville), The Refuge (Yuba City & Colusa), Club S (Woodland), Sporty’s (Colusa), Colusa Casino – Club 45 & Jack’s Lounge (Colusa), The Carriage House (Gridley)  and Granzella’s (Williams). X-Cell has DJed all over the Northern California area, to include the Bay Area and up to Redding Ca. He has also gone as far south as Patterson Ca.

DJ X-Cell still enjoys doing guest DJ spots at clubs and continues to get calls from the dying Chico party scene.  DJ X-Cell has always been about the music that makes the crowd shake and groove, no matter how young or old or what preference in music people may have.  He never gives up trying to get the diverse crowd dancing at the same time on the same dance floor. 

X-Cell is currently playing every third Friday of the month inside the Colusa Casino’s Jack’s Lounge. You can contact him to book him for your next event or to just find out where he will be next. DJ X-Cell enjoys talking and meeting with all sorts of new people so don't be afraid to drop him an e-mail! You can find some of his mixes at or on the page titled MIXXES!! on this site.

"Networking Together Is The Key To Becoming The Best!"  --X-Cell.

DJ X-Cell has been inspired by big name DJs like Richard Humpty Vission, DJ Juanito, Armand Van Helden, Bad Boy Bill, David Garcia, Irene, etc.

Also not to mention the local pros like Eddie Edul (Power 105.5), Jus' James (Power 105.5), DJ Dre (Power 105.5 Sac.Wild 101.5 Las Vegas), Ernan (KSFM 102.5 Sac.  Las Vegas), Pete Rios(Power 105.5), DJ Ramon Martinez(Chico/Colusa), Greg Lopez(WILD 94.9), Jose Melendez(WILD 94.9), Jazzy Jim(WILD 94.9), and the legend......Cameron Paul (KMEL 106.1).

He has also helped start out DJ's like; DJ Savage (Chico), DJ CUZ-N Louie (Power 105.5), DJ Groove (Colusa), DJ CUE (Gridley), DJ Louie (Gridley)  DJ Dizzy (Chico/Orland) DJ Chris (Chico/Gridley) and DJ Burnie (Princeton/Colusa).  Watch out for these guys, as they will be doing big things in the future!