Why should I choose X-Cell Productionz?

You will know up front who your DJ will be, and they will make you their top priority.  I (DJ X-Cell) have over 10 years experience with weddings, and that's not combined, and over 20 years as a general DJ.  X-Cell Productionz strives to provide tasteful memories for you and your guests, without resorting to "cheesy" routines. If I (DJ X-Cell) will not be able to DJ your wedding personally, a DJ will be assigned to your event and you will know in advance who that DJ will be. The DJ I will assign to your event will be one with the same values and experience as I have.


X-Cell Productionz cares as much about your event as you do.  I or the assigned DJ will work with you to fill out a detailed wedding planner.  We will later use this information to create a script for the entire event.  We will make reception schedules, which we will share with the other wedding professionals (Caterers, Photographers etc.), and will work closely with them to make the event a 100% success.  You'll be able to relax and enjoy your big day because all of the important details of the day will be taken care of by X-Cell Productionz.


On the day of your reception, the atmosphere will be created using the style(s) of music you have pre-selected.  With X-Cell Productionz you always get an original event, with music that is specifically tailored to your taste.  We will always pre-plan the details of your event and the music for your event with you personally, over the phone, and/or over e-mails.  We always like to have everything set up before your guests arrive.  As the guests begin to arrive, and as they enjoy their cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and/or meals, it is nice to have some light dinner music playing.  At this time, it is customary to announce the grand entrance of the wedding party and for people seated at the head table to make speeches, toast, and/or to offer advice or good wishes to you, the new couple.  For this we use a wireless microphone.  The wireless microphone enables everyone to be more relaxed and comfortable as they do not have to stand up and go to the front of the room and a wireless microphone reaches places a standard microphone cannot. 


We have the experience to create the right atmosphere for your special event.  All of our music is on a professional laptop computer that is disigned to play music at a professional level. This allows us to carry literally thousands of songs to every event. We also still carry compact disc, records and they are played on professional CD players and turntables.  X-Cell Productionz enjoys the look, feel, and tradition of a real hands-on DJ!  We will blend most songs perfectly with no dead space in between them, and we take no breaks unless you want us to.  We know wedding receptions may be composed of guests of all ages with a large variety of tastes.  That is why I always bring thousands of song selections to every event. 


To ensure your guests are going to be up on the dance floor you may want to have some lighting.  Adding lighting will generate a good deal of excitement on the dance floor and makes the dance floor more inviting.  We will recommend the type of lighting and special effects that will work best for your event.  We have different lighting packages and we will always offer them to you with our services at a small charge.  Whether you choose our basic light show or our high-energy nightclub show, your guests will be impressed. 


So please don't hesitate to contact us today.  This is just the beginning of what can be a very special night...and we're just getting started!